Our company carries out the full spectrum of services in transporting the various types of cargo by the seaway. Today, “United Alliance Group LTD” company offers services not only on the Caspian Sea, also on international directions such as CIS countries, Europe and west-eastern Asia, the Middle and the Far East, African and America:

Thanks to the relationships and partnerships set up by large companies our experts plan the sea transportation fully effective and provide the optimal storage conditions for all the delivered cargo in ports.

Cargo transportation by Sea transport and delivery has the following key steps:

  • Concluding of contracts and preparation of all necessary documents of transport;
  • Submitting of the cargo, implementing of the loading works;
  • Delivering the cargo to the chosen seaport;
  • Delivering the cargo from loading port to the destination port;
  • Customs registration of the cargo delivered to customs zone;
  • Unloading the cargo, or its delivery to the recipient reservoir