Training STCW

Training STCW courses

United Alliance Group LTD continues to provide training for seafarers. Our training courses cover different periods depending on the range of topics covered.

In addition to our training courses, refresher courses are held in order to update the seafarers' diplomas on duty. 

Seafarers trained by United Alliance Group LTD are certified in accordance with STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for seafarers) International Convention on the Training, Certification and Queuing of Seafarers of 1978.

STCW Courses
Updating course
Basic Safety Training
International Safety Management
Proficiency in survival craft and boats other than fast rescue boats
Ship Security-related familiarization security-awareness training
Training for seafarers with designated security duties
Ship Security Officer
Basic training and qualifications on oil and chemical tanker cargo operations
Advanced training for oil tanker cargo operations
Advanced training for chemical tanker cargo operations
Safe operation and maintenance of high voltage systems 1000 volts or more
General Operator for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
RADAR, ARPA, Bridge Teamwork and Search & Rescue
Leadership and Teamwork
Medical Care on Board
Medical First Aid
Bridge Resource Management
Operational Use of Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)
Ship Handling and Manoeuvring
Ship Safety Officer
Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats
Engine resource management
Training in advanced fire-fighting
Dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoes
Ship’s gas analysers and their operation
Passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity training
Crisis management and human behavior training
Crowd management training
İnert qas system
Radar navigation ,radar plotting and use of ARPA
Updating course of navigators
Updating course of engineer officers
Updating course of Elektro-technical officers