Ship agency

İn all ports of Azerbaijan

Ship agency


United Alliance Group provides a wide range of maritime services to foreign ships in all ports of Azerbaijan in accordance with the regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Ship Agent. 

"United Alliance Group LTD" performs the following services and tasks in Azerbaijan in accordance with the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Ship Agent:

• To submit a copy of the contract concluded with the authorized person or with third parties and information about the ship(s) for which ship agent services are to be provided under that contract to the Administration, port authority and other relevant state bodies

• To ensure the fulfillment of obligations defined by the contract

• To inform the authorized person about the requirements of regulatory legal acts and port customs in the field of maritime transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan

• To ensure that the authorized person's trade secret is not disclosed

• To provide all information related to the ship for which ship agent services are provided upon the request of the authorized person

• To assist the ship's captain in formalizing the filing of a maritime protest

• Completing documents and taking appropriate measures related to the ship's entry into the port, stopping and changing its location in the port, as well as leaving the port.

• To provide information about the ship(s) intended to provide ship agent services to the State Maritime and Port Agency and other relevant state bodies;

• Technical assistance to the crew, delivery of cash to the captain

• Ship repair, fuel supply (bunker), food and technical equipment

• emergency medical assistance, provision of the ship with necessary spare parts

• taking measures related to changing the ship's crew members

• implementation of sanitary-epidemiological and preventive measures on the ship

Our goal is to maximize the availability of our services to ships. In this way, our clients can be completely sure that their work is carried out according to the highest professional standards.

Our company provides a wide range of agency services in all ports of Azerbaijan. As a result of our activity, the world most advanced shipping and logistics companies are among the foreign companies that trust us.