Frequently Asked Questions

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All shipowners and ship management companies who registered and verified on our Marine Online Platform are eligible to apply for Marine Credit subject to approval.

To activate Marine Credit, you only need to submit the required documents stated below:


  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Latest Audited Financial Statement
  • Latest management account
  • Most recent six months bank statements from primary financial institution.
  • Business profile

Marine Online will notify you of your approved Marine Credit within 3 working days from your application.

Login Marine Online, go to user center, find My Marine Credit on the side menu, all your Marine Credit will store here as well as the balance information.

The number of Marine Credit you could be granted is subject to approval based on the required documents you provided.

It’s absolutely free to apply for Marine Credit. Besides, we will not charge any credit fee if you replenish the Marine Credit used within the credit term provided always that late repayment would invite late payment penalty (0.05% per day).

You may top-up or replenish your Marine Credit by way of T/T transfer to your online account designated by Marine Online which can be found in your user centre.

Supplier will have to accept Marine Credit as payment method.

Not only will you enjoy an increase in the number of orders, by choosing Marine Credit as a preferred mode of payment, your services and goods shall be supplied with a guaranteed payment.

All Marine Credit you received in your online account could be redeemed to cash when credit term is due. The redeemed cash shall be paid directly from (i) the relevant shipowner; (ii) in the event the said shipowner were to default on the payment, Marine Online shall make the said payment to you without delay

Guaranteed payment by Marine Online is made based on the synergy and support of reputable 3rd party insurance company, so your payment is 100% secured by both Marine Online and 3rd party insurance company.

Upon credit due date, you will be able to redeem cash using your Marine Credit in the account management and withdraw to your designated bank account directly.

Choosing Marine Credit as your preferred payment mode will not incur any cost from you. The orders you collected from the Marine Online Platform will be subject to a nominal service fee despite the payment method.
Click here for more information on the service fee schedule.

Yes. You may choose not to prefer Marine Credit as the mode of payment. You are encouraged to accept Marine Credit as the preferred mode of payment as this will exponentially increase your sales which comes with a 100% guaranteed payment as 90% of the shipowners prefer to pay with Marine Credit.

Advance Payment is a financing service provided by Marine Online and partners. This service will enable you to collect instant cash from Marine Online immediately upon delivery. Up to 100% of the order value will be remitted into your online cash account instantly after deduction of financing interest. Contact us for more information.

GSA is a program conceptualised by Marine Online Singapore from Jun 2019, to form an alliance combining historical purchases for consolidation. Leverage on volume consolidation with a decentralised distribution that helps our members to lower their cost of ownership and enhance service quality. In the span of 6 months since the launch of GSA program, the transaction volume has exceeded 13 million US dollars and is attracting more shipowners to expand their business further.

  • Lower Cost: Secure lower product costs with volume consolidation and transfer these cost savings back to GSA members.
  • Standard Service Experience: Authorized Service Providers that are part of the alliance program adhere to a set of standard service level that overall provide the same experience globally.
  • Receive instant US$20,000 Marine Credit or up to US$1,000,000 Marine Credit extension and can use these credit terms for purchase from our Alliance partners located globally.
  • No-commission chartering service for alliance member by chartering through Marine Online platform and the platform provides full support of chartering operation.
  • Free premium AIS account worth up to US$2,000 for you to use our platform with real-time vessel positioning and vessel tracking system.
  • Enjoy low foreign currency conversion rates between 14 currencies, with a discount of up to 2.4%.
  • A flat fee of only US$198 Cash-To-Master Service for Singapore port, which available 24/7. More countries/ports will be covered in the near future.
  • One-on-one 24/7 service for all Global Shipowner Alliance members.

Delivering exceptional customer experience is Marine Online focus, especially for GSA. Marine Online curate and hand-pick 2-3 localise service providers for each port and set a standardised service agreement and processes, ensuring quality service. In addition, Marine Online will regularly evaluate the service provider performance and take necessary action when quality or standard unmet.

Marine Online will be the only point of contact from start to end, and this provides our GSA members accountability. This approach also eliminates any languages, culture or regional challenges for our members.

In 2019, Marine Online developed over 5,000 suppliers, covering 700 global ports with essential marine services globally. These services include ship supplies, bunkering, port agency, crewing, ship insurance and shipboard services leading to over 10,000 product/service listings. According to our internal data, services like ship supplies or marine services are 10% lower in comparison, which we hope to achieve for the rest of the services.

All registered GSA members are eligible of a base US$20,000 Marine Credit at 30 days terms. Marine Online can extend Marine Credit up to US$1M as required by GSA member’s support on their transactional volume.

Marine Credit is a single credit facility from Marine Online and have access to all suppliers and authorized service providers located globally. This eliminates the need of getting separate credits from individual suppliers, saving your time and necessary administrative work.

Upon successful registration, GSA members may use Marine Credit to procure any marine services listed on Marine Online and only repay the used credits before the due date. For more details, please visit:

No-commission chartering service is an exclusive service for all GSA members. With big data algorithm, Marine Online can intelligently match the cargo information from cargo owner with open vessel information from shipowner. According to the matching result, our chartering operators will further coordinate with the cargo owner and shipowner to arrange documentation and provide full support to operate the whole voyage. All chartering services are at 0% commission for GSA members. To experience the chartering service, please visit:

In conjunction with AIS satellite data provider, Marine Online has built a global vessel positioning and tracking system, which can query the location information of more than 200,000 vessels in real-time with no limit of the vessel number with no time delay. The similar account requires more than US$2,000 to purchase from other suppliers. Upon joining GSA, shipowners can use the system for free through the assigned account. For more details, please visit:

Generally a port agent will charge a handling fee according to the CTM amount, plus the service fee ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars. In some non-regulated ports, the handling fee may be very high. Even in regulated ports, the charges may vary significantly due to different time or vessel location.To provide standard services to GSA members, Marine Online firstly offers an all-inclusive CTM service at a flat fee of US$198 in Singapore ports, whether the vessel is in berth or anchorage, no matter on working days or holidays. For more details, please visit:

As our GSA members, you may recommend your preferred suppliers to join Marine Online as a member, and upon approval, your preferred supplier can enjoy the benefit in Marine Online. Authorized service provider in Alliance program had gone through stringent evaluation with an agreement to delivering the best prices with a standard service level which subject to availability and is managed in a case by case basis.

The application for GSA only applied to shipowners or ship managers. The application is straightforward, along with some information required to make sure that you benefit from the alliance program,

  • Provide the company’s valid registration certificate and any relevant licenses
  • Provide a list of purchases made for your vessel from the previous year and estimated volume for the current year. This information will provide the Alliance an estimated amount so we can get better pricing.
  • Good credit rating and track record.

Evaluation of every application may take up to a maximum of 3 working days which we will inform of your application status. The applicant will need to submit the last audited financial statement should credit application exceed US$20K, and the evaluation will take up to 5 working days.

No fee is required when joining GSA. However, we seek your full support in purchasing from us should the offered price are more competitive than your current buying price.

Unlike trade associations, GSA focus in providing our members tangible benefits by providing a full suite of essential marine services, great deals through volume consolidation leading to cost savings and payment & credit infrastructure.

GSA behaves more like an integrated supply chain solution to our members. Unlike the current “eCommerce” platform that merely provides supplier/product information. The concept of GSA is really into providing more savings and tangible benefits to our members by volume consolidation.

Please fill out the application form and send to

Tel: +65 3138 5333 (Singapore) +86-755-84366298 (China)