Training Courses


International Safety Management Code (ratings)
Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats
Dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargo
International Safety Management Code (operational level)
Operational use of Electronic Chart Display and Information System
Crisis management and human behavior training
Engine room resources management
Ship gas sampling and operation
Inert gas system
Training on extended program for oil tanker cargo operations
Basic training for oil and chemical tankers cargo operations and qualification
Fire fighting
Radar observation and description, operation of automatic radar observation devices
Updating course of navigators ( management level)
Updating Course of navigators (Operational level)
Updating Course of engineer officers (Management level)
Updating Course of electro-technical officers (Operational level)
Updating Course of engineer officers (Operational level)
Rating forming part of navigational watch; (STCW Code, A-II/4, CTCW Code, A-II/5)
Duty sailor (DHDNC Code, A-III / 4, A-III / 5)
Leadership and teamwork
Electro-technical rating (STCW Code, A-III/7)
Ship’s crane-operator (national legislation)
Ship Chef (ILO Convention 69)
Security Awareness Training for all seafarers
“Fire-fighting” extended program
Training of persons with designated ship protection duties
Safety familiarization, basic training and instruction for all seafarers
Medical First Aid on board
Training on crowd management